DC Power Supply

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AC Power Source

Good stability and high precision

Testing And Measuring Instruments

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Tri-channel Linear DC Power Supply


Over current protection 

Constant voltage and constant current mode

No external attachment

High efficiency, light weight, small volume

Low pipple and noise


DC Power Supply
  • OVP and OCP to ensure the safety, smart fan, unique air duct design keeps normal temperature for long time full load working with low noise.
  • Pure copper terminal makes good conduction, have better performance.110V/220V Input voltage switching.
  • 4 Digits Readings LED Display and 0.01V and 0.01A resolution,5 groups of parameter storage, coding switch to avoid casual touch.
  • Easy to adjust voltage and curent through the knob, and we added an output button to prevent accidental touch.
  • 24 hours continuous operation, with high stability, suitable for a variety of working environments. Please let us know if you faced any problems in this unit.


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