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APS5000A series

High Power Programmable AC Power Source
  • Advanced direct digital frequency sythesizer(DDS) waveform generation technology, high frequency stability, good continuty
  • Measurement precision is high, suitable for current half-sinusoid and its similar waveforms with DC component measurement
  • Provide embedded intelligent PC monitoring system
  • Adjustable output voltage from 0 to 150V, 0 to 300V, step distance 0.1V
  • Output frequency 45-120Hz(40-500Hz optional), step distance 0.1 Hz
  • Output current limiting function
  • With 9 sets of memory, you can store commonly used parameters for easy invocation when using them
  • With RS232C communication interface 【IEEE488.0(GPIB)optional】, instruction execution times is less than 10mS
  • Protechtion mode: over voltage, over current, overload, short circuit,current limit, ect
  • Provide RMS voltage, RMS current, active power, frequency, power factor, ect
  • For 100% load removal, voltage stabilizing reaction time within 20ms, strong overload capacity, instantaneous
  • current can with stand 3 times of rated current
  • Voltage, frequency, time, digital key input, high precision
  • The machine can set 30 sets of different voltage,frequency, rising thme and running time at one time, and can test contimuously for 999999 times.
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