MPS-3033XP Series

Tri-channel programmable DC power supply


◆ Three channels show and adjust current and voltage at the same time 

◆ Intelligent temperature controlled fun to reduce the noise
◆ Serial/Parallel/Track mode
◆ With SENSE function
◆ 40 groups of storage

Precision Impedance Analyzer


Signal source frequency range: DC, 10Hz~5/10/20/30MHz

 Basic impedance measuring acuracy: ±0.05%

◆ Source position: variable voltage 10mV~2V/Variable current 200uA~20mA

◆Output impedance 25Ω/100Ω, switchable


  • MPS-H-1 series dc linear power supply

    1.Current and voltage can be set to adjust in a certain range;
    2.Direct display of voltage and current in series and parallel mode;
    3.Can save last time output data and last time output status;
    4.Optional USB, RS-232, RS-485 interface;
    5.Channel 1 and channel 2 are independent switch control;
    6.Five digits display, 1mV/1mA resolution;

    47 ¥ 0.00
  • MDS-2000 series oscilloscope

    super- economical type digital storage oscilloscope
    + Bandwidth : 150MHz/250MHz
    + 2-Channel
    + Sample rate : 1GS/s
    + Ultra-thin body
    + 7 inch high resolution LCD
    + SCPI, and LabVIEW supported

    226 ¥ 0.00