APS-4000 Series

Storage AC Power Source


◆ Equipped with 100% load and unload function,  

   the voltage stabilizing reaction time is within 20ms
◆ Output voltage 0-150.00V、0-300.00V
◆ Input frequency 45.00-250.00Hz
◆ Input and output are isolated

Tri-channel Linear DC Power Supply


Over current protection 

Constant voltage and constant current mode

No external attachment

High efficiency, light weight, small volume

Low pipple and noise

◆ Test frequency from 40Hz to 200KHz;
◆ Resolution: 0.1%;
◆ 32 bits core processor;
◆ 4.3 inch color TFT LCD display;
◆ 30Ω/100Ω two different 
    signal source output impedance;

MCR-5000 Series

Digital LCR Meter


MATRIX TECHNOLOGY INC. is a professional manufacturer of electronic measuring instruments and meters with enormous potentiality and advanced equipment. Starting from the establishment of the factory, the company insists on the policy of seeking development by science and technology and seeking survival by quality. Our goal is to provide high quality products to global customers with attractive price and excellent service. The company strictly integrates the standard of ISO quality management system into all aspects of enterprise R & D, production and after-sale service. Enhancing our innovation ability, revitalizing the instrument industry and reversing the passive situation of China's instrumentation industry are the direction of our efforts and our long-term development strategy. The company will consistently provide high quality and cost-effective products to users, and constantly improve product quality, after-sales service, as well as create a new situation in the instrumentation manufacturing industry.
MATRIX TECHNOLOGY INC. will provide users with excellent products and services to achieve a win-win situation with customers.
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