MPS-3033XP Series

Tri-channel programmable DC power supply


◆ Three channels show and adjust current and voltage at the same time 

◆ Intelligent temperature controlled fun to reduce the noise
◆ Serial/Parallel/Track mode
◆ With SENSE function
◆ 40 groups of storage

Precision Impedance Analyzer


Signal source frequency range: DC, 10Hz~5/10/20/30MHz

 Basic impedance measuring acuracy: ±0.05%

◆ Source position: variable voltage 10mV~2V/Variable current 200uA~20mA

◆Output impedance 25Ω/100Ω, switchable

MATRIX was invited to participate “2019 International Electronic & Smart Appliances Indonesia”【IEAE】

China is the largest trade partner and Indonesia is the largest country in the ASEAN economic aggregate, the 2019 international consumer electronics show in Indonesia is with largest scale and influence among all Indonesia electronics show. The exhibition area is more than 12000 square meters, there are 413 booths in total, exhibits more than 31000kinds, has attracted over 20000 buyers from all over the world.

Indonesia international electronic consumer goods exhibition was held in the international exhibition center in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia. On the first day, MATRIX welcomed many new customers and gained a lot!



During the exhibition period, MATRIX exhibits her new DC switching power supply, handheld digital multimeter, infrared thermometer, electronic load, power meter, high power AC power source, Linear DC power supply, temperature recorder, etc. The fresh and simple product design style attracted a large number of customers in the industry to visit and consult.


Although our booth is not as dazzling as the layout of other booths, but our products are placed in reasonable classification, which leaves a good impression to visitors. In addition, with professional explain and demo, customers show their great interests on our products.




2019-10-01 10:43