MPS-3033XP Series

Tri-channel programmable DC power supply


◆ Three channels show and adjust current and voltage at the same time 

◆ Intelligent temperature controlled fun to reduce the noise
◆ Serial/Parallel/Track mode
◆ With SENSE function
◆ 40 groups of storage

Precision Impedance Analyzer


Signal source frequency range: DC, 10Hz~5/10/20/30MHz

 Basic impedance measuring acuracy: ±0.05%

◆ Source position: variable voltage 10mV~2V/Variable current 200uA~20mA

◆Output impedance 25Ω/100Ω, switchable

MATRIX was Invited to Participate in Asia Pacific International Power Supply Products and Technology Exhibition

On August 16th, 2020, MATRIX TECHNOLOGY INC. went to Guangzhou to participate in the Asia Pacific International Power Supply Products and Technology Exhibition with its full range of products. Despite the current epidemic situation, the majority of electronic enthusiasts and engineers could not be prevented from coming to learn about the latest technology. As a professional manufacturer of general electronic instruments and meters,MATRIX presented its latest line of MS-S /X/XP linear programmable DC power supply. This new product series of MS- XP is the world's first true triple channel power supply, because three channels are all 30V/3A,30V/6A or 60V/3A adjustable, the audience came to experience this product during the exhibition in an endless stream.

The other two series are two channels 30V/3A,30V/6A,60V/3A adjustable and the third channel is 6V/3A adjustable

In addition to MPS-S/X/XP series of three-channel programmable DC power supply, another new product of MATRIX with high technology is MCR-9000 series impedance analyzer. This product is the first LCR meter in China that can achieve 30MHZ and is comparable to similar products of foreign famous brand. This product has been highly praised by the audience during the exhibition.

The three-day exhibition came to an end soon, both exhibitors and visitors want to have more time to know each other, visitors are eager to see more distinctive products in the coming year. MATRIX won a lot during the exhibition, effectively promoting its own brand and products, let more engineers know and understand the value and meaning of this brand. We will make persistent efforts to create better and more perfect products to meet the needs of the majority of users



2020-08-27 15:26