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Tri-channel Linear DC Power Supply


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Function Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • Use 3.5 inch 480*320FTF LCD, with a clear graphical interface
  • Dual channel output
  • Two channels are independent and have phase synchronization function
  • Build-in 5 sets of basic waveform and 32 types of arbitrary waveform
  • Edge time adjustable pulse wave output Output of linear/logarithmic sweep frequency and pulse string waveform
  • Equipped with multi-function arbitrary waveform editing software
  • Support Chinese and English menu
  • File management, support USB drives and local storage
  • 160MSa/S sampling rate, 12bits vertical resolution, 16k storage depth
  • Waveform storage: supports 10 groups of user defined editing waveforms
  • Internal/external AM, FM, FSK modulation function
  • with 160MHz high precision frequency meter
  • RS232 interface, USB Device, USB Host interface


MATRIX TECHNOLOGY INC.    Function Arbitrary Waveform Generator    MFG-2000 series    MFG-2125/MFG-2140/MFG-2160