MPS-3033XP Series

Tri-channel programmable DC power supply


◆ Three channels show and adjust current and voltage at the same time 

◆ Intelligent temperature controlled fun to reduce the noise
◆ Serial/Parallel/Track mode
◆ With SENSE function
◆ 40 groups of storage

Precision Impedance Analyzer


Signal source frequency range: DC, 10Hz~5/10/20/30MHz

 Basic impedance measuring acuracy: ±0.05%

◆ Source position: variable voltage 10mV~2V/Variable current 200uA~20mA

◆Output impedance 25Ω/100Ω, switchable

◆ CC,CV,CR,CP,short circuit,dunamic and other working modes
◆ OVP,OCP,OPP,OHP,multiple protection functions
◆ Accuracy of 0.1%
◆Automatic test function setting
◆ RS-232 interface

PEL-8000 Series

Electronic load

◆Voltage 1mV, Current 0.1mA resolution

◆9 groups storage function

◆Linear power supply, low ripple and noise

◆Over limit alarming function

◆ RS-232 interface

MPS-3600H Series

High precision DC Power supply

MCR-6000A series LCR Meter

LCR6000A series high-precision digital electric bridge is a multi-function component parameter tester used for various electronic components inspection. High speed, stable, 12Hz ~ 600kHz contact frequency point and 0.05% accuracy, can meet the requirements of production line quality control, purchase inspection and laboratory measurement.


  • New 32-bit core processor with first-class performance
  • 4.3 inch true color TFT display
  • 12Hz ~ 600kHz test frequency, continuously adjustable frequency
  • 0.05% basic measurement accuracy, fast test speed
  • 0V, 1.5V, 2V internal DC bias. Accuracy: 1%
  • ALC function for automatic level control of test voltage or current
  • 30Ω, 50Ω, 100Ω, 10 / CC output impedance of four different signal sources
  • Built-in comparator, 11 files sorting and file counting function
  • 10-point list scan function
  • U disk can be used to upgrade and update the instrument software version
  • U disk copy screen function to save data, can support format FAT32 file system
  • Optional GPIB, headphone jack, foot pedal jack
model MCR-6100A MCR-6200A MCR-6600A
Test parameters lZl, lYl, C, L, X, B, R, G, D, Q, θ, DCR
Test frequency 12Hz-100kHz 12Hz-200kHz 12Hz-600kHz
Basic measurement accuracy 0.05%
Equivalent Circuit Series Parallel
Mathematical functions Absolute deviation
Range method Automatic, hold, manual selection
Trigger method Internal, manual, external, bus
Measuring speed (≥1kHz) Fast: fastest 75 times / second, medium speed: 12 times / second. Slow speed: 3 times / second
Average times 1-255
Delay time 0-60S, step by 1ms
Calibration function Open circuit / short circuit / load
Display method Direct reading, Δ, Δ%, V / I (measured voltage / current monitoring)
monitor 5-digit display of main and auxiliary parameters, 4.3-inch true color LCD display
Test signal
Output impedance 30Ω, 100Ω optional
Test signal level Normal: 5mV-2V Accuracy: 10%, 1mV step
constant level: 10mV-1V Accuracy: 5%, 1mV step For
specific product information , please refer to the instruction
DC bias source internal 0V 1.5V 2V accuracy 1%
Matching IV 1A: 0-1A DC bias source option
Display range
lZl, R, X 0.01mΩ-99.9999MΩ
DCR 0.001mΩ-99.9999MΩ
lYl, G, B 0.00001μS-99.9999S
C 0.00001pF-9.9999F
L 0.00001μH-99.9999kH
D 0.00001-9.9999
Q 0.00001-9999.9
θ (Deg) -179.999 ° -179.999 °
θ (Rad) -3.14159-3.14159
Comparator function 10 files: (9 files are qualified, 1 file is unqualified), and another AUX file
Multiparameter 4 parameters can be selected and measured and displayed at the same time
Curve scan function Under various test conditions, perform graphic scanning analysis on the tested parts
Memory More than 100 sets of internal instrument settings for storage / recall, U disk expands more than 500 sets
interface Standard RS-232C, HANDLER, USB HOST, USB DEVICE, headphone jack, foot pedal jack; optional GPIB, LAN
Bare metal size (W * H * D) mm 240 * 100 * 340
Packing size (W * H * D) mm 335 * 210 * 420
Net weight kg 4.5
Gross weight kg 5.8
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