MPS-3033XP Series

Tri-channel programmable DC power supply


◆ Three channels show and adjust current and voltage at the same time 

◆ Intelligent temperature controlled fun to reduce the noise
◆ Serial/Parallel/Track mode
◆ With SENSE function
◆ 40 groups of storage

Precision Impedance Analyzer


Signal source frequency range: DC, 10Hz~5/10/20/30MHz

 Basic impedance measuring acuracy: ±0.05%

◆ Source position: variable voltage 10mV~2V/Variable current 200uA~20mA

◆Output impedance 25Ω/100Ω, switchable

◆ CC,CV,CR,CP,short circuit,dunamic and other working modes
◆ OVP,OCP,OPP,OHP,multiple protection functions
◆ Accuracy of 0.1%
◆Automatic test function setting
◆ RS-232 interface

PEL-8000 Series

Electronic load

◆Voltage 1mV, Current 0.1mA resolution

◆9 groups storage function

◆Linear power supply, low ripple and noise

◆Over limit alarming function

◆ RS-232 interface

MPS-3600H Series

High precision DC Power supply

MCR-8000H series High Precision LCR Meter


  • New 32-bit processor with first-class performance
  • 7 inch true color TFT display
  • 20Hz-5MHz test frequency, continuously adjustable frequency
  • 0.05% basic measurement accuracy, fast test speed
  • Graphic scan analysis function, support frequency/level/offset scan, insight into the characteristics of the device under test
  • ALC function for automatic level control of test voltage or current
  • 30Ω, 50Ω, 100Ω, 10/CC output impedance of four different signal sources
  • Built-in comparator, 10 files sorting and file counting function
  • -5V~+5V (-100mA~+100mA) internal DC bias
  • 10-point list scan function
  • The software version can be upgraded and updated through U disk
  • U disk copy screen function can make data storage more convenient, can support the format FAT16, FAT32 file system
model MCR-8100H MCR-8500H
Test parameters lZl, lYl, C, L, X, B, R, G, D, Q, θ, DCR
Test frequency 20Hz-1MHz, 0.01Hz resolution 20Hz-5MHz, 0.01Hz resolution
Basic measurement accuracy 0.05%
Equivalent Circuit Series Parallel
Mathematical functions Absolute deviation
Range method Automatic, hold, manual selection
Trigger method Internal, manual, external, bus
Measuring speed (≥1kHz) Fast: the fastest 200 times/second, medium speed: 12 times/second. Slow speed: 3 times/second
Average times 1-255
Delay time 0-6S, step by 1ms
Calibration function Open circuit / short circuit / load
Display method Direct reading, Δ%, V/I (measured voltage/current monitoring)
monitor 800*480 RGB 7-inch 16:9 TFT LCD display
Test signal
Output impedance 30Ω, 100Ω, 10/100, 10/CC selectable
Test signal level Normal: 10mV-5V Accuracy: 10%, 1mV step
constant level: 10mV-1V Accuracy: 5%, 1mV step
DC bias source internal -5V- +5V (-100mA- +100mA) built-in bias current source, 5%, 1mV step
Matching IV 100mA: ±10V (±100mA) DC bias source option
IV 1A: 0-1A DC bias source option
Display range
lZl, R, X 0.01mΩ-99.9999MΩ
DCR 0.01mΩ-99.9999MΩ
lYl, G, B 0.00001μS-99.9999S
C 0.00001pF-9.9999F
L 0.00001μH-99.9999kH
D 0.00001-9.9999
Q 0.00001-9999.9
θ(Deg) -179.999°-179.999°
θ(Rad) -3.14159-3.14159
Comparator function 10 files: (9 files pass, 1 file fails), and AUX
Memory More than 100 sets of internal instrument settings for storage/recall, U disk expand more than 500 sets
interface Standard RS-232C, HANDLER, USB HOST; optional USB DEVICE, headphone jack, foot pedal jack, GPIB
Bare metal size (W*H*D) mm 370*125*340
Packing size (W*H*D) mm 445*260*495
Net weight kg 7.4
Gross weight kg 9.7
MATRIX TECHNOLOGY INC.    LCR Meter    MCR-8000H series High Precision LCR Meter